It has been a longstanding practice to get the house ready for warmer days….thus the term “Spring Cleaning”.

It has been proven that there are many psychological benefits of organizing, decluttering and refreshing your living space. This should be a great incentive to take on the task of “Spring Cleaning”. In order to make it less daunting and more manageable break it up into segments.


It is very important to get rid of extras while cleaning. Be very critical and dispassionate and get rid of excess, whether it is personal belongings or household items. If you have not used and item for a year ,you maybe able to live without it. Try categorizing the redundant items in three piles: what you can give away, what you can use and what you can sell. 

You can give used clothing and books to charities, lightly used furniture can be sold on websites like E-Bay . Or if you have the energy do a garage sale.


Spring cleaning is more than day to day cleaning. The items which are not cleaned regularly have to be cleaned. It include like washing the windows, cleaning the baseboards and carpets.  You also clean the outside like the patio,deck and the garden. Put out the outdoor furniture and clean the garden and the flower- beds.


Painting is probably the most cost efficient way to update and refresh your house. What better time to do it, “Spring”. Usually the paints are on sale during spring and with warmer weather the paint dries quicker.


Once the de-cluttering  is done, and the home has a fresh look with the paint, you can organize the items that you are going to be using. Organize them in shelves ,closets and boxes. Label the storage containers so that the items are easy to access.


Yeah !  All the hard work has been done, now the fun part starts. Decorate the house. Small accessories like cushions, window treatments, tables etc: can update the home and give it a new flair.

So give these tips a thought and start your “SPRING CLEANING”…..you will feel mentally happy and energized… PUT A SPRING IN YOUR STEP.